Motivation Books“1 Minute Later”

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Author SAMVEL GEVORGYAN.  Armenia, 2021, 192 pages.

“1 Minute Later”, Hard Cover, 0.35 kg.
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By Samvel Gevorgyan, author of the bestseller “Your own business in Armenia”.

How to achieve excellence and make sure that you #KeepMoving.

1 Minute Later is a book for those of us that value every minute and want to unleash their full potential. Grab this book if you want to turn obstacles into opportunities and make the most of every moment, constantly striving to #KeepMoving.

The world is changing, bringing all kinds of new challenges with it, new ideas and demands. And if no major changes take place during that day, we feel like something is wrong.

Everything is changing very quickly, to the extent that rapid change no longer surprises us. We tend to think this is how it should be, that it’s always been this way.

It remains to catch the wave of change …